Intermediate Modern Calligraphy

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**PREVIOUS ATTENDANCE IN BEGINNER CLASS IS REQUIRED!!! Did you take the beginner class and it left you wanting more? Or now you want direction of where to go now that you know how to use the basic calligraphy tools? This is the perfect opportunity for you to continue to refine your skills! My goal in this course is to build on the basics that we already learned (how to use the tools and create letter forms) to now string together sentences and create varying fonts. We will go over effective strategies to practice at home, how to create different font

Intro to Modern Calligraphy

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Have you been wanting to learn something new in 2018? Have you been seeing all the fun lettering posts on Instagram and wanted to give it a try? Have you been wanting to spice up your snail mail game? NOW IS THE TIME TO LEARN! In this 2-hour class, you will learn the fundamentals of modern calligraphy, get familiarized with the calligraphy pen, and gain an understanding for creating letters and words. You will be able to walk away with the fundamental skills needed to proceed in creating your own style and moving forward with the craft! This is a