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Sat, March 7, 2020

10:30 AM – 2:30 PM MST



Classes are offered at the beginning and intermediate levels. **This is a beginner level class.** No art experience is necessary. We will talk about color theory as it applies to silk dyes, brush techniques, and how to create textures. I also cover basic safety and how to set the dyes.(Due to the nature of this project, setting must be completed when silk has thoroughly dried.)

Beginners create scarves using freeform design or representational designs without resist lines. In the Advanced class, ( See schedule of classes) second time students are welcome to use resist to create their own freeform designs or I can assist with a simple resist drawing. More advanced students may want to work with resist to create different basic patterns such as a floral motif.

Class will focus on the following:

* Brief discussion of dyes and their properties

* Plaids, modified stripes, free form, and loosely drawn topicals are the primary motifs Creating colors from the basic Magenta, Yellow, Blue and Black

* Overlay of colors on the silk

* Modifying texture of color with water, alcohol and salt

* Moving color and resisting color with water and alcohol

***We provide all the materials necessary to paint one small accessory scarf and one

large scarf in Beginner class and one large scarf in Advanced class. Dyes, salts,

diluent’s, brushes, aprons, gloves, and silk are all included.

**Class Date: March 7,2020 Beginner, March 14, 2020 Advanced **