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With the holidays approaching and kids being on break, there is no better time to get you and your kids eating well! As a parent and caregiver, you want you and your children to eat well in order to feel great, sleep well, do well in school, work and life. The question of the month is, how do you get your family to eat healthy, with smiling faces and only one meal cooked?

Get your kids on board with eating healthy by taking this interactive, hands-on cooking class for families with kids of all ages.

Join certified health coach and fellow mom, Kerry Bashi to learn about the four pillars of health, Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition and get your family eat better. Kerry understands the challenges of active lives, allergies, sensitivities and plain-ole picky eaters and will give you the tools and resources necessary to overcome these challenges and feed your family the most healthy, delicious meals that everyone can enjoy.

Learn surprising ways to get your kids eating more vegetables and green leafy foods, decrease your family’s consumption of fast food, and save money while eating healthy. All while increasing concentration, energy, physical coordination, and better moods for your whole family.

Bring your spouse and your kids, and some friends to have participate in this fun and educational activity that will help build strong bones and bonds.

Each person will have the opportunity to make a couple dishes at The Farm and take pizza dough and toppings home to make and bake later!

Recipes include:
Kale Salad with a Honey Citrus dressing
Squash Soup
Pizza Crust and Toppings

Parents will receive handy handouts to continue their living healthy journey at home. Children will receive kid-friendly recipes they can make right in their own homes. You will even get access to local farmers which will get you the most nutritious and delicious food within your area.

Lastly, all participants will have the chance to play in our closing out quiz and one lucky family will take home a bag of locally grown ingredients!

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