Stone Grove – New

Our largest venue, Stone Grove is spacious enough to accommodate 300 or more guests, with the capabilities to host both your ceremony and reception all in the same place. Our stonemason handcrafted the organically flowing walls that surround this rustic venue by compiling locally sourced ancient granite stones together to create mortar free architectural masterpieces. Built into the wall is a beautiful wood burning oven that can be used during your wedding celebration to create that unforgettable “wow” factor. This romantic European-style venue is a perfect location to dine, dance and enjoying your special night with your family and friends.
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The Canopy in the Grove

Covering 2400 square feet, The Canopy is a magical space that can host groups anywhere from 50 to 250. Your ceremony will be held amongst our lush pecan trees with dinner served under our canopy. This expansive location is sure to offer refined, rustic elegance on such a special evening.

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Morning Glory Café

Quaint and romantic, Morning Glory Patio accommodates 50 to 120 guests. This stylish patio setting trimmed with lush green trees, shrubbery and beautifully colored flowers is ideal for an intimate wedding. Your ceremony will take place on the grassy lawn of Quiessence, our fine dining restaurant named one the most romantic spots in the country. As the evening progresses your guests will be invited to the patio area for an elegant reception overlooking our organic garden.

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The flavors of Arizona terroir will shine through our dishes prepared with a contemporary spin on traditional and classic culinary techniques. Sourcing from the surrounding fields and local farms, Quiessence will utilize ingredients neighborhood to create a truly unique “garden to table” experience. Private dinners available.

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