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Maya’s Farm is now accepting applications for membership for its SPECIAL 6-week Spring Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) season.

The Special Spring season runs from May 13th – June 27th, 2015.

More details

Each CSA member has a choice of three (3) pick-up days and six (6) locations to make eating healthy and local even easier.

By joining the Community-Supported Agriculture Program you will join a loosely organized community of health and environmentally conscious people who share the bounties and risks of Maya’s Farm, a local, independent farm. As a CSA member you will purchase a share in the farm’s future harvests. Your participation supports its viability and capacity for quality production up front: It allows the farm to purchase seeds, then plant, nurture and harvest the crops we offer to you.

By becoming a member you will:

  • Support a local farmer: Unlike buying from a grocery store, the CSA is a great way to give money directly to the farmer that grows your fruits and vegetables.
  • Get the freshest possible seasonal eats: Since all of the produce you get from Maya’s CSA is locally-grown, everything in your weekly share will be grown within a stone’s throw of your home or work. That means it’s picked when ripe, and not frozen and trucked across country before getting to you. Also, as the weather changes, crops will change too – you’ll get items like lettuce and greens in the spring, tomatoes and peppers in the summer, squash in the fall and root veggies in winter – when they’re perfectly ripe!
  • Try new, healthier foods: Maya’s CSA offers Certified Organic foods, free of pesticides and grown in a manner that is good for the environment. Plus, you will get a chance to try new and different crops and bring your eating habits closer to the season.
  • Get outside: You are invited to visit Maya’s Farm and get up close and personal with the fruit and veggies you eat!

How to join

Joining the CSA is easy! To get an application on-line visit; or visit Maya’s booth on Saturday mornings at the Phoenix Public Market, Central and McKinley; or see website for other pick-up locations.

About The Farm

Maya’s Farm is a small, sustainable operation which produces high-quality specialty vegetables, herbs, flowers and eggs for local markets, restaurants and schools. It is situated on nearly seven acres and nestles up to South Mountain Park in Phoenix, AZ. The site is in an ancient river bed, where sandy soils and natural Artesian wells create a perfect growing environment. Consciously augmented through biodynamic techniques and Certified Organic and Bee Friendly practices, this rich earth produces some of the healthiest produce available.